Principal Message :

Dear Parents
                  Yesterday is a dream, tomorrow is a vision. But today well live makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well, therefore to this day.” We at J.P Public School are committed to Excellence Distinction & diversity are the twin hallmarks of our philosophy Educational leadership and scholarly achievements is our mission.

We encourage our children to have thoughtful and positive attitude and equip them with life skills and academic skills though delivery of individualized integrated learning programme in tune with international standards of excellence. The aim is clear and appropriate and provides for high expectations in both work and behavior, with emphasis on self- esteem and positive relationships.

The school will be a very happy place where individual progress and development will be recognized and values so that they enjoy school, work hard, take pride in their achievements and concentrate well.

All the children, especially the youngest, benefit from specialist facilities and the many advantages of a complete, continuous, primary & secondary & senior secondary education.

Parents are the first educators of children and it is our privilege to develop a partnership in education between home and the school.

Looking forward to work with you towards building a healthy society.

Smt. Sharan Sharma

J.P Public School



Delhi Road State Highway 57, Baraut, Bagpat, Uttar Pradesh 250611, India