Director Message:

Dear Parents
                   On behalf of all staff & administration I would like to welcome you to another new session in the journey of education of our children.

As we all aware aware that school Education deals with tender minds to be nurtured delicately. During the process of nourishing the minds of children a strong firm link has to be developed between teacher, student & school. This link is provided by the almanac which serves as cementing link to know about the daily progress and activities of the child. So therefore you are requested to refer it daily & know about child’s work & conduct. In today’s scenario and experimentation to make learning more meaningful and stimulating for our children.

You are advised not to compare your child’s [performance with that of his friends in family or school. Every child is unique & he will be moulded according to his capabilities, altitude & aptitude & his own desired goal. We must together shape these young innocent impressionable minds.

So let us together play an active part in their development & help our children to develop into a balanced successful, happy, peaceful responsible, global citizen of planet earth.

Looking for your kind co-operation in this joint endeavor.

With Kind regards

Gaurav Sharma / Abhishek Sharma

J.P Public School



Delhi Road State Highway 57, Baraut, Bagpat, Uttar Pradesh 250611, India